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No reaction to EO or ethylene glycol or other metabolites is detectable. For the determination alkali is added to the sample, followed by distillation of any formed EO into dilute sulfuric acid, where ethylene glycol is oxidized to formaldehyd according to Malaprade. This is distilled off for further enrichment and determined according to Bremanis by photometry at 570 nm. OBJECTIVE: To assess the comparability and reproducibility of 4 questionnaires used to measure fatigue in postpoliomyelitis syndrome (PPS).DESIGN: Repeated-measures at a 3-week interval.SETTING: University hospital.PARTICIPANTS: Convenience sample of 65 patients with PPS.INTERVENTIONS: Not applicable.MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: The Fatigue Severity Scale (FSS), the Nottingham Health Profile (NHP) energy category, the Polio Problem List (PPL) fatigue item, and the Dutch Short Fatigue Questionnaire (SFQ).RESULTS: Correlations of scores between questionnaires were all significant (P<.01) and ranged from.43 (between the NHP energy category and the PPL fatigue item) to.68 (between the PPL fatigue item and the SFQ). Scores on the second visit, normalized to a 0 to 100 scale, were: FSS, 78+/-15; NHP energy category, 47+/-35; PPL fatigue item, 81+/-17; and SFQ, 65+/-22. Except for the difference between the FSS and the PPL fatigue item, the differences in scores between the questionnaires were significant (P<.01). Aiming at a more comprehensive review of empirical data, this article examines the empirical literature on the relations between key SDT-based constructs and exercise and physical activity behavioral outcomes.METHODS: This systematic review includes 66 empirical studies published up to June 2011, including experimental, cross-sectional, and prospective studies that have measured exercise causality orientations, autonomy/need support and Ralph Lauren Polo need satisfaction, exercise motives (or goal contents), and exercise self-regulations and motivation. We also studied SDT-based interventions aimed at increasing exercise behavior. In all studies, actual or self-reported exercise/physical activity, including attendance, was analyzed as the dependent variable. OBJECTIVE: To follow 61 participants (7-11 years old) from a study that compared three school-based interventions for anxious children: group cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) Ralph Lauren Factory Store for children, group CBT for children plus parent training, and no-treatment control to determine whether posttreatment benefits are sustained longitudinally.METHOD: Parent, child, and clinician report measures of child anxiety were completed at 3, 6, and 12 months posttreatment. Semistructured diagnostic interviews were administered at 6- and 12-month follow-ups. For initial analyses, the group CBT and group CBT plus parent training conditions were collapsed into one group and compared to control.  

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