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The prevalence of RR fibres together with age, fibre type proportions, CSA and working as a cleaner correlated with the ability to relax as recorded electromyographically. The relative mean frequency of the EMG of the trapezius muscle correlated with the prevalence of RR fibres, but it did not correlate with the proportions and CSA of different fibre types. Low biomechanical outputs and low signal amplitude increases Fred Perry Montreal of the EMG during the test were associated with high proportions of type -IIB fibres. The study failed to demonstrate a clear correlation between commonly implicated facultative pathogens and wound infection. The isolation rate of Pseudomonas aeruginosa was generally low and, although Staphylococcus aureus was a frequent isolate in both wound types, it was more prevalent in noninfected leg ulcers.CONCLUSIONS: This study has demonstrated the complex aerobic-anaerobic microflora which exists in leg ulcers, the prevalence of anaerobes in infected wounds, and a poor correlation between the presence of specific aerobic pathogens and wound infection. In view of these findings, the role of microbial synergistic interactions in the pathogenesis of chronic wound infection may be of greater clinical importance than the isolated involvement of any specific potential pathogen.. BACKGROUND: Although it is widely recognized that the effectiveness of mission statements is contingent upon the extent to which they are communicated to the organization's members, there is virtually no literature on how organizational members perceive the mission statement.PURPOSES: To address these shortcomings, a research project was set up to seek (a) to assess how managers and nonmanagers perceive the mission statement and (b) to determine if there is a perception gap between both groups.METHODOLOGY/APPROACH: In total, 102 nurses, nurse managers, and senior managers in a 217-bed Flemish hospital filled up a questionnaire, based on the Competing Values Framework for Managerial Communication, to assess their perception of the organizational mission statement.FINDINGS: There is a mission statement perception gap between managers and nonmanagers. The scores of the management group are, in almost all cases, significantly higher. These findings suggest that managers have a more positive attitude toward the mission statement.PRACTICE IMPLICATIONS: To optimize the impact of the mission statement, managers should measure the perception of the mission Fred Perry Polo Shirts Men statement and try to remediate possible mission statement perception gaps.  

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